About DSAC

DSAC is an Incorporated Society with a Board elected at an annual general meeting. The Board has nationwide representation. The current Board Chairperson is Dr Min Lo from Auckland.

View the DSAC Board 2015/2016.

The Society has three paid staff members, an Education and Services Manager (Victoria Larbalestier), an Administration and Finance Manager (Karen Richardson) and Administrator (Denise Bosbach).

The Society has functioned largely since 1988 on the goodwill of dedicated and committed members throughout the country.

How Are We Funded?

DSAC has always been challenged by lack of sustainable funding. Over recent years income from philanthropic sources has diminished and earned revenue streams have reduced.

DSAC is very grateful to the Accident Compensation Corporation, the New Zealand Police, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development for their funding to assist DSAC's administration and core functions.

DSAC is a registered charity. Charities Commission Registration Number: CC25039

Our purpose

Improving the wellbeing of all people affected by sexual assault/abuse

Our ambition

People in New Zealand who are affected by sexual assault/abuse have equitable access to appropriate and high-quality medical care and medico-legal service.

Our Core Strategies

  1. Enabling the provision of appropriate high-quality medical care and medico-legal services
  2. Increasing equitable access to appropriate medical care for people affected by sexual assault/abuse
  3. Assuring organisational sustainability


  1. Collaborating with key stakeholders to improve service quality.
  2. Development and delivery of best practice education and training programs.
  3. Providing effective clinician accreditation and support services.
  4. Raising public and professional awareness of service availability.
  5. Increasing government and clinician engagement in service development and delivery.