Family Violence Intervention GP Success Stories

Family Violence Intervention GP Success Stories

DSAC Recognition & Response to Partner Abuse Training Programme

Male GP - between training sessions one & two

"I can't believe it - I saw this woman yesterday with a grazed knee and bruising here and there - she said she had slipped down the back step - and so I said - Look I'm going to ask you some questions, because we have just had some education about how sometimes someone in the home can injure a person and it can be hard for patients to talk about it - Did anyone actually cause this injury - did you get pushed or shoved or anything like that?

She just looked at me for a minute and then she started to cry and said - "Yes actually and it's not the first time and you are the first person to ask me - thank you, thank you!" And we fixed up her knee and so-on and then talked about whether she wanted to get help right away and she did, and next thing Refuge came and got her after she talked to them on the phone in the lunch room.

I would NEVER have asked that question before like that - and it really worked!!!'"

Female GP and Nurse - between training sessions one & two

"Well we think there is something spooky going on here, because we talked about it and asked people the next day that had some indicative histories and we had 4 historic and 1 current, and no-one was offended - they said things like "I've been wishing someone would ask" and "I wondered if that was what was making me not sleep and get my funny tummy" and "I didn't know you'd be interested". They were all really pleased to get information about who they could contact, and know we could document things if they wanted us to. They were really positive parts of the consultation and it didn't take more than a few minutes."

Male GP - several months after training session two

"Well you know the best thing? - It is like having resources and not like feeling you have to fix it - I mean that's the thing, because you can't but in the past you felt like helpless - now you can offer stuff and feel like it's positive. It is not so frustrating. And people appreciate that you think it is important and you understand why they stay and still support them until they are ready to do something. It's kind of giving them respect, you can see the relief on their faces."